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my-rowing-club goes public.

my-rowing-club | MYRC is a cloud platform for rowing-clubs developed by us for rowers and rowing clubs.

A rowing club with a subscription of MYRC can easily provide Apps, like an online logbook, for its club members.

MYRC runs on all Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop Computer with latest Browser versions.

Remark: Please refer to our Roadmap. There you’ll get more details, which Apps will be available when.
Dashboard view on a smartphone.

Since 2013 MYRC is used successfully at Rudergesellschaft Speyer 1883 e.V. as a cloud based software for rowing clubs.

MYRC has helped a lot to digitize and modernize the RG Speyer. Because of our experience with this software solution and requests by other rowing clubs we want to offer MYRC for all of you and your rowing club.

In the second half of 2020 MYRC will be available first in Germany and Norway for rowing Clubs as cloud platform. Please let us know, if you interested to use MYRC in your country. You will find more details in our roadmap.


Digitizing of processes in rowing clubs leads to more transparency and efficiency. The transparency of data is an important instrument for steering a rowing club.

Software solutions are only accepted by you or your club, if they

  • increase the commitment of the members to their club:
    • e.g.. through the availibility of MYRC on the personal smartphones of the members
    • through gamifikation, like the live data of summed rowing distances of every member
    • through a club task list
  • are simple to use and to maintain.

This makes the implementation e.g. of a LogBook of your Club very easy.

These requirements can be much easier fulfilled with a cloud based software solution. In addition important topics like privacy, security and maintainability are better addressed by a professional cloud provider.

MYRC was not only improved technically as cloud platform since 2013. Also the Apps of MYRC are more mature regarding functionality and which functionality of MYRC is relevant for a club and which is not.


MYRC is a cloud based platform. There will be several Apps available, which can be used from a common club dashboard.

These Apps are initially planned for MYRC

  • Club-Dashboard
  • Logbook of rowing trips
  • Summed list of rowed distances of members and boats
  • Tasklist
  • Management of boat damages
  • Teams
  • Logging of volunteer work
  • Reports (Monthly and Yearly)
  • Integration of external links, like water level

To get an first idea of MYRC please take a look at the documentation of the currently at RG Speyer used version (only german), as long as no demo version is available.


These steps are planed until MYRC platform is available.

Legal Basics
Spring 2020

To provide MYRC for you, but also from our point of view, the legal basics have to be implemented very accurately. These basics include:

Founding a company (GmbH) which runs my-rowing-club.

Done: iakio GmbH. is founded.

We develop the contracts (SLAs), which we conclude with you as a user von MYRC and with the rowing clubs.
We implement the privacy concept um and develop the GDPR documents
We develop a price model, under MYRC should be offered.

Done: SLAs, GDPR documents and price model are defined and will be released with the Beta Release.

Beta Release
Autumn 2020

MYRC will start as a Beta Version. You or your club can start to evaluate MYRC. In this phase we will be happy, if you send us feedback and suggest improvements. Currently it is planned, to launch MYRC in Germany and in Norway. Please let us know, if you interested to use MYRC in your country.

Go live
Winter 2020

In Winter 2020 the launch of MYRC is planned. These Apps will be launched first

  • Club-Dashboard
  • Logbook of rowing trips
  • Tracking of boat damages
  • Summed list of rowed distances of members and boats

Release more Apps
February 2021

Other Apps will be launched incrementally, like in other cloud platforms

  • Reports (Monthly and Yearly)
  • Teams
  • Tasklist
  • Logging of volunteer work


Spring 2021

After the launch of MYRCwe will improve MYRC incrementally depending on your requests.

In this phase we will also improve integration to other software systems, e.g.

  • with apps of your rowing association
  • with club membership management systems
  • with your club homepage