New Feature News

A logbook for rowing tours is now available

With MYRC it is now possible to store all rowing tours of your club. We have decided to divide the logbook for rowing tours from the “normal” trip logbook. So it is possible for a multi day tour to store the daily tours in the trip logbook and store the complete tour in the tour logbook.

The two new widgets on the MYRC dashboard are “Tours” and “My Tours”.
Creating a new tour.

In addition a personal tour logbook “My Tours” is automatically maintained.

New Feature News

Tour announcements available

It is now possible to manage tour announcements in your club.

Every member of your club can offer tours, from a short day trip to a several days lasting rowing tour.

The club members can follow these tour offerings and can register or unregister for a tour.

For more details refer to our user documentation.

New Feature News

Boat reservations available

The boat reservation feature is now available. You can reserve a boat before you start your trip.

Your club can decide between 2 different reservation rule sets:

  • Boat only
    Only the availability of a boat is checked.
  • Slots on embarking raft
    A more complicated ruleset, e.g. used to comply to your local “Corona” rules.

Coaches or boat managers of your club will have more features, when they create a new boat reservation

  • They can manage boat lists, to reserve more than one boat at a time.
  • They can choose more than one boat for one reservation.
  • They can choose the reason a boat reservation (Rowing, Boat Trip (e.g for a race) or a planned repair of a boat).
  • They can reserve more than one slot in one boat reservation if “Slots on embarking raft” rules are active.

You can find more details here.

New Feature News

Boathouse account available

If you want to run MYRC in your boat house, you need a special account for accessing MYRC.

Your club administrator can create a boat house account in the club settings section.

You need an own e-mail address for this account (e.g. boathouse@….).

After creating this account, your club admin has to login with this account on your computer or tablet in your boat house.

Now all club members, even those, who have no own MYRC account, can use MYRC.

New Feature News

Club settings

The admin dashboard of MYRC offers a new a widget “Club setting“. You can adjust parameters of your club to your needs.

For more details refer to our administrator documentation.

New Feature News

CSV Import interfaces available

You can now import data from other systems like efa or your membership management software into MYRC through .csv files. Please refer to our import documentation for further details.