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MYRC is a cloud-based web application for rowing clubs. The main goals of myrc are:

  • Support your club to handle the daily business tasks like maintaining a trip log book, manage boat damages, analyze member activities and many more
  • Support you to reserve boats, manage your and your teams training dates, analyze your personal performance and …

User docu­­men­­tation

For system requirements, installation and the description how to use MYRC please refer to the user documentation.

Club Membership Roles

MYRC provides 3 major roles for members of a rowing club. Only members of a club, which have an account of MYRC may be assigned to a membership role.

  • Member
    A member is allowed to use the standard functionality of MYRC.
  • Admin
    An admin has all the permissions of a member plus the ability to administrate (manage boats, members, …) the rowing club.
  • Owner
    An owner has all the permissions of an admin plus the ability to perform all financial transactions, like changing the MYRC subscription of a club. The user, who created the club, is automatically the owner of the club. A club can have more than one owner, but have to have at least one owner.

This documentation is made for owners and admins of a club.

In addition you specify special member roles for your rowing club.

Currently these member roles are supported:

  • Manage boat reservations
    These are normally coaches or dedicated people in your club, which have extended features (e.g. reserving a boat list) regarding boat reservation.

Initial configuration of your club


  • You have created a club and you have received the confirmation of your club subscription order (see User documentation).
  • You have the club owner role

The first time you enter your club from the MYRC start page you will be redirected to the initial configuration page.

You do not really have an option here. This is just an information about what you have to do. Just choose “Run configuration”. After some seconds and an automatic reload of of the page you will be redirected to the Administrator Dashboard.

Administrator Dashboard

The administrator dashboard gives an overview of the resources of you club. By selecting a resource you can navigate to administration UI of the selected resource.


In the club view you can

  • change the data of your club (name, address, invoice address, …)
  • see your MYRC customer id. Please refer to this customer id, if you communicate with our support team.
  • change your subscription. e.g. change from the fee test subscription to a paid subscription.

Club settings

The club settings provide some customization possibibilities for your club.

General Club Settings

  • Change the start year for your club statistics. You need this, if you import old trip logs from other software systems, because MYRC does not automatically calculate the date of the oldest trip log.
  • Create a boat house account. This is a special account you can use for your computer or tablet in your boat house. So every member of your club, even without an own MYRC account, is able to access the MYRC apps. You need an own e-mail address for this account, like boathouse@… .
  • Your club may not want to use the optional apps of MYRC like “Tasks“. You can deactivate these apps here and they will not appear on the club dashboard.

Logbook settings

  • Future: The distance unit for your trip logs. Currently only Km is supported.
  • Activate or deactivate some attributes of your trip log like “Include trip log responsible” or “Include start place in trip log”

Boat reservation settings

You can choose between two different kind of of rules for handling boat reservations.

Check boat only

Only the boat itself is checked, if a new new reservation is created. You can also specify, how many days in advance a boat reservation may be created.

Slots at the embarking raft

This is a more complicated ruleset for boat reservation. You may use this to comply to your local “Corona Rules”.

Yo can specify how many slots per hour can be used to start a boat trip. e.g. 4 means, that every 15 Minutes boats can start from the embarking raft.

The slot duration is the time a rower should be maximum on the water incl. cleaning of the boat.

Max. boat places reduces the allowed boats, e.g. 2 means only Single, Pairs or Double boats.

Max. amount of boats per rowing slot specifies how many boats in parallel can start in one slot. This or Max. amount of persons on embarking raft may define, if a slot is “full” or not.


In the members view you can manage your club members.

Onboarding of members

You have several possibilities to add members to your club.

  • Add a new member manually.
  • Confirmation of a membership “Access Request”.
    Please refer to the User documentation and the chapter “Requests for membership” below for more details.

Add a new member manually

You can add a new member manually with choosing the “+” button in the Members list view.

This will open the editor for creating a new member.

All fields, except the “Title” field, are required. Please fill in your data and choose “Save”.

Import many members in one step through .csv file

Especially when you set up your club, you may not want to enter all your club members manually. MYRC offers the ability to import club members through importing a .csv (Comma separated values) file.

Probably you have another software system, which has informations about your members (e.g. Wiso Mein Verein, efa, …). Please refer to our data import documentation.

Change an existing member

Select in the member list the club member you want to change. Then choose “Edit” in the member detail view.

Remark: You can only change member data, if the member has no own MYRC account.

Please choose “Quit” if the member is no longer member of your club.

Requests for memberships

The Requests for memberships view shows all open request of possible members, who had created a request for membership through the “Join club” flow. (See User documentation).

You, as a club owner or club admin should have received an e-mail, if a possible member has asked for access to the club.

In this view you can now confirm or decline the request.

The new possible member will receive an e-mail, if you have confirmed or declined the request.

Confirm request

If you want to confirm the request, you have to choose between two options.

  • Create a new member from the request (default).
  • Assign the person from the request to an already existing member. (Person created a MYRC account, but was already in the list of members of your club).

If want to create a new member, just choose “Save” in the Confirm request dialog.

If you want to assign the request to an existing member please check “Connect request with existing member” and then search for the existing member. Then choose “Save”

Decline request

If you want to decline the request (e.g. the person, who made the request, is not member of your club), just choose “Decline request”.


In the Boats view you can manage the boats of your club.

Adding a boat

You have two possibilities to add a boat to your club

  • Add a new boat manually.
  • Import many boats in one step through .csv file.

Add a boat manually

In the “Boats” view choose the “+” button to add one boat to your club.


  • Boat classification, Boat location and Default Destination can be choosen from data you have configured for you club. (See chapters below)
  • By choosing a “Default Destination” you can configure which destination and as a consequence which distance will be set in a trip log, when this boat is selected in the trip log editor.
  • A boat may have different rigger variants (sculls, oars) or be with or without coxswain place. Please select only one as the “Active” variant. This variant will be chosen as the default variant when creating a trip log.
  • The difference between “Responsible” and “Owner” is, that an owner may not be a member of your club (e.g. sponsor). Responsible for the boat should always be a club member.

Choose “Save” to create the new boat.

Change an existing boat

Select in the boat list the boat you want to change. Then choose “Edit” in the boat detail view.

To delete a boat, choose “Delete” in the boat detail view.

Remark: If you delete a boat, the boat will be marked as deleted, because the boat may be referenced by other resources like trip logs. You can restore a boat, if you show the deleted boats in the boat list view (adjust filter), select the boat you want to restore and choose “Restore”.

Other resources

MYRC offers the following additional resources you should configure for your club

  • Destinations
    The destinations can be used to configure the standard destinations, which can be selected when creating a trip log.
    Attributes: Distance, Trip category
  • Boat classifications
    Your club may classify the boat usage. You can specify a name and color (e.g. red, yellow, green) of the possible classifications
  • Boat location
    To help to “find” your boats physically, you can specify the possible boat locations in your club, which may be assigned to a boat.
    Attributes: Name
  • Boat damage type
    You can specify possible boat damage types, which you can use to classify boat damages.
    Attributes: Name, Type (Part of the boat)
  • Age classes
    You can specify the age classes which can be used in the club statistic (“Kilometerpreis”). MYRC provides some default age classes. You may change these to your needs.
    Attributes: Name, Age from, Age to.
  • Guest Classes
    Your club may want to classify the type of guests, which do a rowing session. (e.g. Guest, School, …)
  • Guest
    You can create, if you like, a guest manually in advance. Normally a guest is created implicit when creating a trip log with guests.
  • Weblinks
    You can add weblinks to your dashboard. MYRC supports two types of links.
    • Image Link: Alink to an image, which will be embedded in th club dashboard. Please be careful using external image links. Do use image links only from trusted sources and be aware of any copyrights.
    • Link to a web site or a (pdf) document


If you have further questions or ideas for the improvement of MYRC please contact us:

support [at] my-rowing-club [dot] com

Your MYRC Support Team