New Feature News

Boat reservations available

The boat reservation feature is now available. You can reserve a boat before you start your trip.

Your club can decide between 2 different reservation rule sets:

  • Boat only
    Only the availability of a boat is checked.
  • Slots on embarking raft
    A more complicated ruleset, e.g. used to comply to your local “Corona” rules.

Coaches or boat managers of your club will have more features, when they create a new boat reservation

  • They can manage boat lists, to reserve more than one boat at a time.
  • They can choose more than one boat for one reservation.
  • They can choose the reason a boat reservation (Rowing, Boat Trip (e.g for a race) or a planned repair of a boat).
  • They can reserve more than one slot in one boat reservation if “Slots on embarking raft” rules are active.

You can find more details here.